Signs of Septic Tank Failure

Numerous causes of septic tank failure exist, any of which may cause issues at your home. It is possible to avoid septic tank failure by mandating regular inspections and maintenance service. Pay attention to your plumbing system, however, and if the four signs below are noted, make sure to call a professional to schedule septic services spring grove at once.

Bad Odors

You shouldn’t need to hold your nose every time you use the bathroom. If you notice bad odors coming from the septic tank, the likely culprit is a blocked drain. A plumber should respond to this problem and likely pump the tank to resolve trouble.

Pooling Water

If water is pooling around the septic tank or you notice swampy-like moisture around it, the system could have a leak. You shouldn’t see any wastewater around the septic tank when the unit is effectively working. Watch out for this problem and call the professionals at the first signs of trouble.

Sewage Backup

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Oftentimes referred to as backflow, this problem occurs when sewage seeps back into the home through the toilet, sinks, tub, and other plumbing fixtures. This is a sanitation and health problem and certainly has terrible odors that you don’t want to deal with. Address the problem with professional service as quickly as possible.

Slow Drain

If your sink, bathtub, etc. drains are running slowly, this could indicate the need for professional service.  This usually occurs when the tank is full and needs to be pumped. If you’ve tried all other avenues to no avail, do not prolong a call to a professional to find out what’s going on in the tank.

If you notice these signs of septic tank trouble, get in touch with a plumber for service. The sooner you call for service, the sooner these issues will dissipate and you can enjoy life the way that it should be enjoyed.